Mr. Ping Ping Chen, President of THE PING PING WORLDWIDE TRADING Co., Ltd., persisted in the idea of “free trade all over the world”, and created his own brand name for his baggage cases. He established a new concept on the baggage cases. Mr. Ping Ping Chen is the first founder in the world for his thematic baggage brand, CENTURION.

CENTURION baggage cases were officially launched on January 1, 2015. He released co-brand style, memorial style and limited edition of baggage cases, and became well-known in baggage industry. No one had done it before, so it caused a sensation in his industry. He expanded market across China, Japan, European Union, the USA and other 67 countries and regions.

CENTURION’s original “Co-Branding Policy” attracted many world famous brands to participate in the issuance of CENTURION Co-branded style. There were more than 400 issuance cases from well-known multinational corporations, famous specialized product suppliers, film and entertainment industries, sports competition planners and famous celebration organizers.

CENTURION is the first baggage brand in the world to issue three major themes - “Ocean Protection, Forest Protection and Animal Protection”, which surround the issues of planet concern. CENTURION at all costs propagandizes and leads the baggage industries worldwide to face the serious issues of environmental change and global warming.

CENTURION successfully accomplishes many pioneering works which have never happened in the baggage industry over the past 100 more years. It establishes a revolutionary position for CENTURION in baggage industry. CENTURION plays a main role to dominate the future trends in baggage industry.

From “Using a baggage to hold personal belongings” to “Using an object of art to hold personal belongings”, it is CENTURION’s artistic creation.

Now and the future, where there are people, there are travelers. Where there are travelers, there are CENTURION baggage cases.